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Getting the Mojo back

Baxy, a 4,000 crore brand faced two problems; standardization and mojo.

With dated colors, fonts, and style, it looked like a fuddy-duddy brand, un-inspiring and not palatable.

We quickly realized that it needed an exhaustive revamp of their Brand Persona and presence across the online and offline mediums. 

​It started with the logo tweak, giving them a position statement, Bharosa Jeet Ka, revamping color, font, template, and the Brand Persona.

From giving them Flaming Red as their House Color, we revamped their showrooms, service centers, ads, collats, events, just about everything.​

And the result?


Well, a brand-new shining brand with better brand Image, a greater number of dealers, higher traction, and better ROI.

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