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2020, A New Digital Frontier

Come 2020 and the paradigm of Social Media will change.

Of course there will be players still operating with the 16-20 post format but largely for brands it will be like revisiting the communication cycle.

Rapid changes that are expected on the social media landscape will force Brands to take a hard look at the drawing board. It will also mean finding more tech-enabled partners to keep them ahead of the pack.

AR and VR will be used more

With 5G becoming a reality, riding this new spectrum, Augmented reality and Virtual reality will assume a new hue on the social media platforms. Get ready to integrate AR and VR on your app, Insta, FB and explore a new paradigm. With real time customer integration as a key thrust area, social media will become an important platform to experience and share the same, real time.

Get real, get AI enabled

It is not sci-fi anymore. 2020 will see the integration of AI big-time. With AP and VR on the forefront, integrating it with AI will be the next logical step. AI powered technology like video analytics will be commonly used to decipher data accurately.

Tik Tok will be an essential vehicle

If you still think Tik Tok to be a spec on the digital horizon, it is time to revisit your dated thinking. It has been impacting behavioural change across landscape. For sure, your TA is there on Tik Tok. Too bad if you are not. A word of caution, Tik Tok is a different animal and requires a different approach, both in terms of content and strategy.

Social Media will still grow

Yes, so there is no need to worry. Though the rise in new entrants wont be as steep as in 2014, but there would be people who would be still joining the Social Media bandwagon. However, the ratio of the new users and their socio profile might compel you to re-look at your social media strategy.

Live Feed

From Posts to Video and now Live Feed. If you are not using this new darling of the social media, you are missing a lot of sticky eyeballs. Start live streaming with interesting and engaging content.

So, get real and open your eyes to the changing paradigm.

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