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Elephant in the room

Let us face it. Most of the clients as well as the self-professed social media agencies have no clue about the medium. Shocking? I know it is but it is a fact.

I hope you are not one of those who confuse 18 posts per month with social media communication?

In a typical set up when a social media agency approaches a client, after the initial five minutes it boils down to number of posts vis a vis the money. 18 posts for 30k , 30 posts for 40k; it is like a bargain bazaar.

If the deal is closed, both, the agency and the client are happy.

The agency, because for half day’s work it will get 30 k and the client for having a social media presence.

Stop, ask yourself is this what social media is all about?

Let me quickly spell out the broad gamut of social media. You can check yourself if you are doing it right.

It is not about the numbers but Engagement 

Don’t ask your agency to commit on the number of posts, ask them to spell out the Engagements and that too from your TA. Social media is an interactive medium. Less interaction and it does not mean anything. It is probably the only medium where you get to interact with your prospective client. So use this medium well.

Do focussed campaigns

Putting up random posts on Instagram and Facebook where no one is responding does not do anything for your brand. Launch and initiate campaigns based on your sales cycle, festive seasons, discounts, and external issues. Real Campaigns have a higher chance of customer engagement and better recall.

Size adaptation is a crime

A creative meant for Facebook should never be adapted for Insta or LinkedIn. I know, you have been doing the same all this while.

What you have to understand that different mediums have different consumption pattern. Therefore, content served has to be in accordance with the requirement.

For instance, posting a blog on Insta is useless similarly doing stories on LinkedIn is a wasted opportunity.

Like me more

We all have the latent desire to be liked and appreciated.

But buying likes?

Trust me, greater number of likes on your page might look good to you but it does nothing for your brand. As the likes you buy are bots and fake, therefore despite a greater number of likes the page will have hardly any interaction.

Promote your link or page and spend money on promotion, not buying likes.

Social media needs patience, good content and a long term engagement plan.

While hiring

your social media agency, I am sure these pointers will help you.

- Amit Shankar

Founder, HOL

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