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EQ over IQ

Top business schools churn out executives who get picked by the top brands. Playing a cog in the big system, they end up being a part of the system. This stops the system from being re-invented.

When was the last time when they invented a process, way of working, corporate philosophy or even the way ahead? The answer is NEVER.

What is the reason?

Maybe with ever-growing IQ, they lack the much-desired EQ–Emotional Quotient.

With competition getting fierce, it becomes imperative that everything is put under the scanner; from product to pricing, packaging to marketing strategy. It takes a lot to swim against the tide, going against the precedence. It is under these circumstances when a manager with a higher EQ is required.

We all know that numbers, graphs, charts, and analytics are just numbers and there is a lot more to the picture. It takes a man with EQ to decipher the same. Someone who is ready to put in his heart and soul, maybe even going against the tide, trusting his heart more than his head and giving his every bit to read between the lines.

Agreed, the chances of faltering and failing would be there.

But then, the chances of winning vs losing would be 50:50 as as compared with a manger who thinks he knows it all.

Success is about grit, determination and being in love with the mission.

And love requires EQ more than IQ.

History is replete with stories where the impossible was achieved due to EQ.

General Patton to Steve Jobs, the list is almost endless.

The mantra: Hire more managers with EQ and see how your ROI assumes a new proportion.

- Amit Shankar

Founder, HOL

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