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Missing the Mad Men

Ain't the world of advertising and communication getting too sane and boring?

Well, for sure for reasons known it is not attracting creative geniuses, blistering IQ college dropouts and the renegades. Now what it gets is graduates from third rung management institutes who want a JOB to pay their bills.

The passion, the madness, the late nights, the never ending booze parties is replaced with Do's and Don'ts, 10 to 6 and the fear of #Metoo. To make things worse, every agency now is a Social Media shop, campaigns now are Posts and Brainstorming, a things of the past.

Of course, all this danity has impacted work and its quality. Planners are non existent and the Social Media executive is servicing plus copywriter plus graphic designer plus media person. Where are the art-copy teams? Where is the planner who knew it all? Where are the loony art guys and not to forget the 'Suit.'?

The world has changed.

Any person who has 50,000 to spare has turned into a Client and any loser who can't find anything to do has opened up a Social Media shop. Mostly the website vendors are now your next door social media shop.

Pick any social media handle and you will be greeted by mediocrity.

There is no communication, just posts.

Maybe this sanity has been for too long and it is time to get back to the days of insanity, the days of Man Men.

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