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ROI, you cheater!

Ditched by the ROI again? So many brands approach us, cribbing about dwindling ROI on their online campaign. Even with all my sympathies for them, after having a look at their communication, I have no choice but to tell them that the campaign was never designed to give them any ROI. 'But we have a social media agency and we post 20 posts every month on Fb and Insta' is their standard response. Well, that is the precise problem. For starters, Online does not imply Insta and Facebook. Most of the brands restrict themselves to these two platforms and then sulk over lack of  ROI. Also, before we delve into the solution part, as a brand you have to ascertain the reason for being online. Is it for spreading Awareness or transacting real business? If your objective is latter, then you need a Communication Agency that understands Digital and Social Media too. In most of the cases, the posts your agency shares on social media have no CTA; Call to Action. They are just one of the posts. And as a post, they are not supposed to do anything. Tell me, how would Holi, Diwali, New Year Greeting posts do anything for your slipping sales? It won’t.

A sales-driven digital campaign requires a different approach and strategy. Have you done Geo-Tagging? Do you have an SEO plan in place? Have you got enough content with the right keywords enabling faster search? Is your website optimized for faster loading? Are you taking your TA to the Buy button in 3-4 clicks? If the answer to any one of the questions posted above is ‘NO,’ trust me, you will never get any sales from your online campaign. Please understand the media and the medium. As a favor, I am sharing this insight without charging you. Online has been designed to trigger Impulse; reaction, action, and thoughts. How do videos go viral? Of course, impulse. Why do you buy a product or a service even when you really don’t need it? Again, an impulse is the reason. Re-visit your Facebook, Insta, and website. See if it triggers IMPULSE. Oh, did you ask what impulse is? Well, words, visuals or a combination of both that triggers some thought, action, the reaction in you, coaxing to take required action, in case of a brand, buying it. Mega Bonanza Sales announcement triggers impulse. No wonder, Amazon sells thousand crores of goods in 3 days. In the case of your brand, see if the picture, copy, the layout is compelling enough. See if storytelling is happening everywhere. Are you telling your TA how good is your product, how painstakingly it has been made, how it will help you achieve your goals and how lucky he is to today as it is on a 30% lower price? And yes, don’t forget to make his impulse Time-Bound. Act now, buy now, call now, register now, limited seats, only 4 pieces left; the list is endless. Key Pointers for creating Impulse Drool-worthy pictures Supremely crafted content Right Hashtags Reviews and endorsements Offer/Discounts Perfect storytelling

If you would like to know more, feel free to get in touch with me. I would love to help you craft a better GTM strategy.

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