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Six-speed gearbox

1. Invest in a Picture Bank

I know you love using stock images.

After all, they are economical and offer you the convenience to buy them on a use basis.

No wonder, stock banks are thriving. 

But remember the image you have just downloaded from ShutterStock or Corbis or Image Bazaar is being downloaded by other brands too. 

On Diwali, Holi or any other festivals, scroll through Insta feed and you will be surprised to see how many other brands use exactly the same image. 

Brands have a vision, ethos and a playing field that is unique.

Therefore, even the images need to be unique.

Yes, it costs money but trust me, it is worth every penny.

Hire a young photographer, strike some package deal and you will be surprised for how less you can have your own set of pictures for website, brochures and social media calendar.

2. Invest in a Sign-off line

‘Yahi hai right choice baby,’ launched Pepsi in India. 

And what a sign-off line/positioning statement it was. 

A well-crafted Sign-off line positions your brand perfectly. 

“Khushiyon Ki Home Delivery” not only sums up the essence of a great Pizza brand but also positions it as an instant source of happiness. 

In this world of social media, when pictures are the norm, believe us when we say that sign-off lines work better.

So get one, now.

3. Get a Visual Identity

What would your brand look like? Would it be young or old, an infant or a teenager? 

All this gets answered by a combination of colors, fonts, and tone your communication would use. Look at the ads of Coke which is so different from that of Triumph.  One is all about the family, extended family, friends while the other is a partnership or even riding solo. Notice the font, the language of these two brands and you will know what I mean.

4. Don’t resize

Stop resizing creative collats. 

Different mediums are consumed differently, therefore, it would make sense to get design templates done for them separately. 

A hoarding layout can’t be resized for Instagram or Press ad. The messaging on hoarding is consumed differently than an Insta post. 

5. Fixed fonts

The temptation to use fancy fonts to make your Creative look better is natural. Especially during the festive season; Diwali, Dusshera, Christmas, the itch to use some different fonts is high. 

Resist it, stick to your Brand Fonts. Treat Brand Manual as a Bible, Quran or Geeta. Never ever deviate from it. This will give your brand the desired ‘Consistency.’

6. Standard formats

I know, formats are boring and you itch to break away from them. But in the long run, choosing and sticking to Layout Formats always works better for your Brand. 

Remember, there is too much clutter out there. To get noticed either you produce something outstanding every time, or you stick to the prescribed Brand Identity Manual format. 

Formats guarantee an instant recall along with High Brand Traction.

Use it well to see your brand doing well.

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